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Condition List

Autosomal recessive conditions known to be associated with the genes covered in the Matchright™ analysis are listed below. A brief summary of each condition is accompanied by links to more detailed information on public websites. By clicking on the gene symbol below the condition name you can also find more information about that gene on our Gene Panel page.

More than 500 different genetic conditions are included on the list, but it is important to note that the conditions we cover are dependent on the genes in the Matchright™ analysis. In other words, our analysis starts by predicting the ability of two copies of a gene to function together and then works outward to any associated autosomal recessive conditions. This approach means that, in some cases, conditions on this list might also be caused by mutations in genes that are not on our panel.

We invite you to explore the list and all associated links. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Genetic Counseling Team with any questions you may have.

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